Rajams Cliff Resort Varkala

Nested on the beautiful seaside, Rajams Cliff Resort Varkala provides the opportunity for their guests to enjoy magnificent views of Arabian Sea.  An accommodation in this resort during your visit to Varkala offers you a holiday experience of a lifetime. Even though there are all the modern facilities at this resort, guests feel so close at nature. Dotted by swaying coconut palms, one can easily access all the beautiful attractions in Varkala if they choose Rajams Cliff Resort for their accommodation.

This delightful resort in Varkala is nearly 55 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. Those who love sea, sand and sun find Varkala an amazing tourist destination. The proximity of beach is the most attractive feature of Rajams Cliff Resort. The well known Papanasam Beach is around 50 meters away from this resort.

The well decorated rooms of Rajams Cliff Resort offer all the amenities for the comfortable stay of their guests. The well trained and courteous staffs are there to assist the guests for 24/7 hours. By making your Varkala hotel booking in advance with Rajams cliff resort, you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the well experienced crews as well as relax in one of the beautiful rooms of the hotel watching the panoramic views of the sea without any hassles.

All the rooms of this resort are spacious and well equipped. Each room comes with a television, sofa, a fan and bed linen. Private bathrooms of the resort come with showers. The private balconies of the rooms provide outstanding views of the surroundings. It is thrilling to watch the thick coconut groves, enchanting sea and rocky cliffs from the balcony of the hotel.

Rajams Cliff Resort is hardly 1 km from the sacred Janardhana Swami Temple.  The resort also offers facilities like luggage storage, free Wi-Fi and free parking facilities for the convenience of their guests. Guests have the option to choose air conditioned or non-air conditioned rooms for stay during their visit to Varkala. Travelers can approach the tour desk of the resort to organize sightseeing trips or car rental services.

Keeping your comfort and convenience in mind, this Varkala resort offers all the amenities for their guests.  It is the dream of many beach lovers to explore the unspoiled beaches of Varkala and for them Rajams Cliffs Resort can be a right choice for comfortable and cozy stay. Choose Rajams Cliff Resort to get close to the nature and feel the sand under your feet.

Janardhana Swamy Temple

Janardhana Swamy Temple, VarkalaJanardhana Swamy Temple is one of the ancient temples and a major pilgrim center in Varkala. In addition to a sacred place, this beautiful temple is also famous for its architectural grandeur and peaceful ambience. Facing the immaculate Papanasam Beach, the proximity to beaches and its aesthetic appearance also make Janardhana Swami Temple one of the most visited destinations in Varkala.

This 2000 year old temple, also known as Varkala Temple is situated at the entrance of the beach road on a steep hill. It is almost 25 kilometers north of Thiruvananthapuram near sea on NH47. Situated near Arabian Sea, many devotees visit the temple to offer prayers to Lord Vishnu in his Janardhana form. Janardhana Swami Temple is considered as the Benares of the South and often referred as Dakshin Kashi.

There are many beautifully painted idols of Lord Shiva, hanuman and Garuda at the entrance of the sanctorum to greet the worshipers. The ancient bell is a remarkable feature of the temple which was removed from a Dutch ship that sank near the temple without causalities and donated by the captain of the Dutch ship.

Lord Janardhana with four arms is the main shrine of the temple and there are many wooden carvings of nine planets at the pavilion. The hall where the bali peetha placed is also an important feature of Janardhana Swami temple.  Tourists and worshippers love its high entrance arch that decorated with tiled roof.

Large brass bells hung from the ceilings and tall granite posts certainly attract people who visit the temple.  Even if the original date of construction is unknown, the inscriptions available indicate that there had been several renovation carried out for the temple at various time of the history. There is a pool on the northern part of the temple with approximately 240 feet in circumference called ‘Chakra Theertha’.

The most attractive feature of Janardhana Swami Temple is its closeness to Papanasam Beach.  This beach is famous for its medicinal properties because of the medicinal plants in the region and the water in the area wash those plants. For many people, this temple is also a significant Ayurvea treatment and rejuvenation centre in Varkala.

The festival of Varkala Janardhana Swami temple, Arattu attracts numerous visitors from different parts of the state which falls in the month of March/ April.  Many devotees visit this beautiful temple during Karkidaka Vavu day in order to carry out homage to their ancestors.  With its unique architecture and attractive ambience, Janardhana Swami temple in Varkala attracts a lot of visitors.
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