How to Make Conversation with a Cab Driver

Many people prefer to hire taxi`s or cabs during traveling. One of the great advantages of hiring a taxi is that it saves a lot of your time. It also gives the comfort and convenience to enjoy the drive.  Wherever you travel in the world, you need to hire taxi at times and enjoy a ride in that. Of course, you will need to do some discussion with the cab driver on the place that you want to visit and about the payment. There are many respectful and beneficial cab drivers who love their job and make the journey of their passengers interesting and comfortable. Here are a few tips and advice for travelers about how to chat with cab drivers and make your trip hassle-free and smooth.

  • Confirm the destination with the cab driver : Before start the journey, ensure that your driver knows the location or ask him to make calls to confirm the location.
  • Get to know your cab driver : It is advisable to know your driver before entering the vehicle. Most cab drivers help their passengers with their luggage and try to say ‘Hi’ this time. Remember, you are going to share the car with him for some distance.
  • Be polite from the beginning of your journey : Always try to look pleasant and polite and smile during your journey. You can tell the destination where you want to go and ask him politely how much time it will take to reach there.
  • Start the chat in an interesting way : It is better to avoid boring comments to start your conversation with the cab driver, instead, start it in an interesting way. Pick something that will encourage a lively and long talk.
  • Try to keep the chat going : Always try to keep the chat with your cab driver going and avoid silence. Choose funny and interesting stuffs to talk which make your trip pleasant and enjoyable. Your cab driver also finds it interesting to talk to a cheerful, jovial and confident person and enjoy a good drive.
  • Let the driver talk: When you both find the topics interesting, he will also talk to you in a friendly way. The conversation will come naturally and there is no need to think of what to say. He may also have some interesting stories to share. There is no need to be arrogant, instead chat with your driver and make the trip more interesting.

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