Essentials You Must Always Carry in Your Car

Essentials You Must Always Carry in Your CarWith a little planning, one can easily manage risky and unsafe driving situations successfully. Whether you are a traveling enthusiast or just love to drive long distances, it is wise to keep a few things in your car to be safe in case of an emergency. One can easily be well prepared to handle various roadside situations if they have the following items in their vehicle. Keep the following items in your car to manage car emergencies and avoid stressful situations.

Driver’s license

Your driver’s license is the most important thing you must remember to keep in your car. It is also important to keep other essential papers like insurance, tax and title to avoid troubles.


Always keep a few 1 liter bottles of water in your car to support your body in case if you stuck in a situation where you cannot get out of the car.

Tool Kit

One can easily avoid some situations like changing the tyre or problem with other parts of the vehicle if he keeps a tool kit with basic tools like hammer and screwdriver.

Dry Snacks

Try to keep your car stocked with dry snacks to avoid starvation and speed up your metabolism.  It is advisable to keep items like protein or energy bars, almonds, bananas and baby food in your car especially during long drives.


It is useful to keep an advanced emergency unit that act like a multi-tasker in your car. At least, keep a simple battery-operated flashlight for emergencies.

First Aid Box

Even though many of the new vehicles come with a first-aid kit with basic items, it is wise to add a few things in them like sterile dressings, non-adhesive bandages and anti-bacterial ointment.

Extra Clothing

Always remember to keep a few extra clothing in your car especially if you have plans to move out in the nature. Keeping warm and waterproof clothing will make your journey hassle-free.

Tow Rope

Never forget to carry a tow tape especially if you are living in a winter country to get out of a jam without any difficulty.

Tissue box

Keep a tissue box in your car to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Multi-purpose Knife

Keeping a multi-purpose knife in your car can be a good idea especially for people who travel with children.

Portable Battery Charger

Try to keep a portable battery charger in your car to meet different power requirements. You can easily charge many of the electronic items in your vehicle with the help of this device.

Car Perfume

Make your ride more interesting and enjoyable by applying some perfume in your car.

Of course, most of these essential items are small and do not occupy much space. However, they help you with safe driving and healthy living.

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