How to Make Conversation with a Cab Driver

Many people prefer to hire taxi`s or cabs during traveling. One of the great advantages of hiring a taxi is that it saves a lot of your time. It also gives the comfort and convenience to enjoy the drive.  Wherever you travel in the world, you need to hire taxi at times and enjoy a.. read more →

Essentials You Must Always Carry in Your Car

With a little planning, one can easily manage risky and unsafe driving situations successfully. Whether you are a traveling enthusiast or just love to drive long distances, it is wise to keep a few things in your car to be safe in case of an emergency. One can easily be well prepared to handle various.. read more →

The 5 ’Oh So Cool’ Travel Gadgets

Yes, nothing can substitute the thrill and excitement of traveling. People love to plan long trips even if they have a wonderful social life, attractive job and living in a vivacious city. However, travelers face different problems during their trip like to non-availability of clean water and difficulty to find proper sleep. We Taxi Kochi.. read more →

13 Ways Social Media Can Help You Travel

It is true that nobody can deny the importance of social media on tourism marketing. The world of internet is evolving continuously and people entered into a new era of interacting. Social Media is an important tool not only for the travel industry, but it also helps common people to plan and travel conveniently and.. read more →

10 Ways To Get A Better Hotel Room

10 Ways To Get A Better Hotel Room.., Without paying anything extra! Scout for soft openings: New hotels are generally keener to please, so check out hot new properties on, and pick up the phone! Time your trip right: Big city hotels have lower occupancy on the weekend, so that’s when your chances of.. read more →

What Others Do Not Tell You

What Others Do Not Tell You The realities that exists and need to be taken care of: Building a great rapport with your driver would actually take you a long way during your trip. Since most drivers are not only highly qualified and highly experienced they also maintain a great information network with the other.. read more →

5 Travel Apps

5 Travel apps that will help take your journey to the next level. The access to a smart device has made our lives easier, not only in terms of day to day productivity and entertainment but also in our travels. This time our focus is on apps that are India-centric and will help you plan.. read more →

Distance Calculator of Kerala

With Kerala Distance Calculator you can Calculate the distance between different cities and tour places in Kerala.   read more →

How to avoid vomiting and nausea sensation while travelling

A lot of people suffer vomiting and nausea sensation while travelling. Those people not only create inconvenience to themselves but to fellow travellers as well. It is true that one likes to vomit during travelling. There are some proven tips which are helpful for people with the problem of motion sickness. If you consider those.. read more →

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