How to Make Conversation with a Cab Driver

Many people prefer to hire taxi`s or cabs during traveling. One of the great advantages of hiring a taxi is that it saves a lot of your time. It also gives the comfort and convenience to enjoy the drive.  Wherever you travel in the world, you need to hire taxi at times and enjoy a ride in that. Of course, you will need to do some discussion with the cab driver on the place that you want to visit and about the payment. There are many respectful and beneficial cab drivers who love their job and make the journey of their passengers interesting and comfortable. Here are a few tips and advice for travelers about how to chat with cab drivers and make your trip hassle-free and smooth.

  • Confirm the destination with the cab driver : Before start the journey, ensure that your driver knows the location or ask him to make calls to confirm the location.
  • Get to know your cab driver : It is advisable to know your driver before entering the vehicle. Most cab drivers help their passengers with their luggage and try to say ‘Hi’ this time. Remember, you are going to share the car with him for some distance.
  • Be polite from the beginning of your journey : Always try to look pleasant and polite and smile during your journey. You can tell the destination where you want to go and ask him politely how much time it will take to reach there.
  • Start the chat in an interesting way : It is better to avoid boring comments to start your conversation with the cab driver, instead, start it in an interesting way. Pick something that will encourage a lively and long talk.
  • Try to keep the chat going : Always try to keep the chat with your cab driver going and avoid silence. Choose funny and interesting stuffs to talk which make your trip pleasant and enjoyable. Your cab driver also finds it interesting to talk to a cheerful, jovial and confident person and enjoy a good drive.
  • Let the driver talk: When you both find the topics interesting, he will also talk to you in a friendly way. The conversation will come naturally and there is no need to think of what to say. He may also have some interesting stories to share. There is no need to be arrogant, instead chat with your driver and make the trip more interesting.

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Essentials You Must Always Carry in Your Car

Essentials You Must Always Carry in Your CarWith a little planning, one can easily manage risky and unsafe driving situations successfully. Whether you are a traveling enthusiast or just love to drive long distances, it is wise to keep a few things in your car to be safe in case of an emergency. One can easily be well prepared to handle various roadside situations if they have the following items in their vehicle. Keep the following items in your car to manage car emergencies and avoid stressful situations.

Driver’s license

Your driver’s license is the most important thing you must remember to keep in your car. It is also important to keep other essential papers like insurance, tax and title to avoid troubles.


Always keep a few 1 liter bottles of water in your car to support your body in case if you stuck in a situation where you cannot get out of the car.

Tool Kit

One can easily avoid some situations like changing the tyre or problem with other parts of the vehicle if he keeps a tool kit with basic tools like hammer and screwdriver.

Dry Snacks

Try to keep your car stocked with dry snacks to avoid starvation and speed up your metabolism.  It is advisable to keep items like protein or energy bars, almonds, bananas and baby food in your car especially during long drives.


It is useful to keep an advanced emergency unit that act like a multi-tasker in your car. At least, keep a simple battery-operated flashlight for emergencies.

First Aid Box

Even though many of the new vehicles come with a first-aid kit with basic items, it is wise to add a few things in them like sterile dressings, non-adhesive bandages and anti-bacterial ointment.

Extra Clothing

Always remember to keep a few extra clothing in your car especially if you have plans to move out in the nature. Keeping warm and waterproof clothing will make your journey hassle-free.

Tow Rope

Never forget to carry a tow tape especially if you are living in a winter country to get out of a jam without any difficulty.

Tissue box

Keep a tissue box in your car to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Multi-purpose Knife

Keeping a multi-purpose knife in your car can be a good idea especially for people who travel with children.

Portable Battery Charger

Try to keep a portable battery charger in your car to meet different power requirements. You can easily charge many of the electronic items in your vehicle with the help of this device.

Car Perfume

Make your ride more interesting and enjoyable by applying some perfume in your car.

Of course, most of these essential items are small and do not occupy much space. However, they help you with safe driving and healthy living.

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The 5 ’Oh So Cool’ Travel Gadgets

Yes, nothing can substitute the thrill and excitement of traveling. People love to plan long trips even if they have a wonderful social life, attractive job and living in a vivacious city. However, travelers face different problems during their trip like to non-availability of clean water and difficulty to find proper sleep. We Taxi Kochi give an idea about the most advanced travel gadgets that make your trip easy and excited. Get an idea about them and enjoy each trip like a pro. Take a look at them!

Small Washing Machine

Small Washing MachineYou may be a globetrotter and do whatever you like but at the end of a day, you love to get all your outfits clean. The pile of dirty clothes should make you worry and the large laundry bill will be another problem. Look at this Scrubba wash bag which can be a magical piece for you. With flexible wash board, you can wash your clothes within 3 minutes with some detergent and a few liters of water. This pocket sized washing machine is available at an affordable price. No doubt, it is a cool gadget for you!

Female Urination Device

Female Urination Device
Of course, finding a clean restroom can always be a nightmare for ladies. Sometimes, you may plan trips to remote corners of the world where basic facilities are difficult to find. Then you can stand up and pee if you carry GoGirl with you which is a portable female urination device made up of silicone. This reusable device can be a boon for females while traveling which can be reused after washing it with water and soap. Keep one in your purse and make your trip hassle-free.

Secure Clothing For Safe Travel

Secure Clothing For Safe Travel
T-shirts or underwear with a safe pocket! A smart way to travel safely without the fear of pick-pocket! You can keep all your valuables including passport and money in this safe pocket while traveling. It is a safe way to keep all your valuables without the fear of losing them. You can enjoy a safe trip in traditional style if you buy a comfortable one from Clever Travel Companion’s secure clothing line.

Drinking Water, Anywhere

Drinking Water, Anywhere
Keep a Lifestraw with you while traveling and forget the fear of falling sick by drinking contaminated water. Most of us prefer to drink bottled water during trip to avoid the risk of falling sick. With a cool gadget like Lifestraw, you can drink water off even from a stagnant lake or a muddy pond.  No doubt, it is truly a travel companion.

Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow
Enjoy a quick nap without worrying about your chatty seatmate if you have an Ostrich Pillow with you. With such a travel device with durable covering, you can enjoy a good nap by covering your entire head and neck. Keep one with you during your travel if you ready to spend some bucks.

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13 Ways Social Media Can Help You Travel

It is true that nobody can deny the importance of social media on tourism marketing. The world of internet is evolving continuously and people entered into a new era of interacting. Social Media is an important tool not only for the travel industry, but it also helps common people to plan and travel conveniently and comfortably.  Check the following 13 wonderful ways that help common man to plan their travel wisely.

Plan Your Itinerary

Use social media to plan your travel itinerary. With the help of social network, it is easy to share the travel details especially with large groups.

Participate In Online Contests

It is easy to find an array of travel contests online and you can take advantages of the special deals offered by hotels, air lines, car rental companies and tour companies by winning the contest run by social media.

Special Deals

Social media is a great way to obtain special, promotional, loyalty and last minute deals offered by tour companies, hotels and airlines. In fact, you will not find such secure deals anywhere else.

Find Out Interesting Events

You can easily find out events and a wide range of happenings including festivals, sports events, public holidays and cultural and musical performances through social media.

Meet People Abroad

There are so many social media sites available for travelers which give great information about destinations. It is easy for travelers like you to meet people abroad and collect information about the place that you are planning to visit.

Get Recommendations From Others On The Site

Travelers can use different forums to seek advice and get information about their doubts related to particular destinations.

Read Online Reviews

It is helpful for the travelers to read online reviews especially published in travel related sites like Tripadvisor to decide about their hotel accommodation and other travel related decisions.

Great Way To Keep In Touch With People Back Home

You can easily post some photos or status update by using social media so that your will friends will realize that you are abroad.

Share Photos Through Social Media

Simply make everyone jealous with those happy photographs that you have taken on your holiday by posting them on social media.

Help To Stay Organized

It is safe to keep your e-tickets and travel itinerary in a digital wallet rather that carrying a heap of memory cards. Just upload them to Facebook or Instagram and your documents will be secure and safe.

Simply Post Your Reviews

Social media is a great platform to share your opinions and post reviews about your travel experience.

Easily Connect With New People You Meet

Use social media to get in touch with those people who meet during your travel.

Stay In Touch With People

You can keep in touch with people through social media.

10 Ways To Get A Better Hotel Room

Silver Tips Munnar10 Ways To Get A Better Hotel Room.., Without paying anything extra!

Scout for soft openings: New hotels are generally keener to please, so check out hot new properties on, and pick up the phone!

Time your trip right: Big city hotels have lower occupancy on the weekend, so that’s when your chances of getting an upgrade are higher. In leisure properties, weekends are packed, so try and travel mid-week.

Do some research and call the hotel in advance: Check out the property online, and identify the rooms and suites you like. Then write an email or make a phone call to request one of those rooms, even if they show non-available online. Remember, cancellations happen all the time.

Spell out exactly what you’re looking for: Don’t vaguely say, ‘May I have a better room.’ Much better to ask for a room with a view, or a bigger suite, or whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Be Nice: Hotel staff get to deal with some really pesky and nasty sorts. Strike a difference with your politeness. If the manager does award you an upgrade, let him/her know you’ll be happy to commend them in the Feedback Form.

Check in between 2 to 5 pm: Most rooms are given out during this period, so the front office is surer of cancellations and availability.

Dress to impress: No need to turn up in a tuxedo, of course. Just be well-groomed—it will earn you more points than a sloppy, bedraggled appearance.

Don’t book the cheapest room: Go for a mid-range suite, so that you can be bumped up to a really nice one.

Play the emotional card: Tell them you’re visiting on a special occasion. Tell them you love the hotel, and that it’s your third visit here (they’re not going to pull out records). It works like a charm. (Just don’t tell them you read it here©).

Turn a glitch to your advantage: Baggage reached your room late? Faucet leaking? Request management to upgrade your room, in exchange for a No Complaints.

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What Others Do Not Tell You

What Others Do Not Tell You

TravelThe realities that exists and need to be taken care of:

  • Building a great rapport with your driver would actually take you a long way during your trip. Since most drivers are not only highly qualified and highly experienced they also maintain a great information network with the other drivers around the state. This gives them knowledge about not only the geographical aspects and places that offer good time at great prices, but on sensitive details like people’s behaviour, safety of specific areas and etiquettes to be followed at various places while on the trip, as well.
  • Roads in Kerala are not equipped for night driving especially along the high range areas. Fog/mist and lack of adequate safety measures on the highways make most roads treacherous at night. Therefore, it is strictly advisable to abstain from driving after its dark, especially after 6 pm and before 6 am.
  • Even though most hotels do have help desks, the information available are either vague or incomplete, since at most places the kiosks are handled by inexperienced interns. Therefore, it’s better to rely on maps, policemen and drivers for all forms of details.
  • Strictly follow the rules while taking photographs at all times, especially while at religious centres.
  • Take special care to respect beliefs and customs at all religious centres, irrespective of their size and stature. Always dress appropriately and leave your footwear outside while visiting such places.
  • Mosquitoes: By virtue of its geographical aspects, Kerala, unfortunately serves as an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, it’s advisable to pack in some good quality mosquito repellent – both vaporiser and body cream – while on a trip. It’s also recommended to pack in pairs of leech socks if planning a trip to the plantation or forest areas.
  • Abstain from using your cell phone during a cultural performance, so as not to disturb others in the audience.
  • Strictly avoid littering or making loud noise while in bird/wildlife sanctuaries, forests, or national parks.
  • While shopping, for a great bargain, it’s always advisable to cross-check with your driver cum guide, before making the purchase. Also, use your instincts tactfully, while bargaining with craftsmen/artisans.

Guaranteed Authenticity:

Ours’ is a body of native tour enablers and it’s our duty and need to make the trip memorable and most exciting for our clients. Therefore, we are morally bound to present the actual picture of the conditions available here in the state. Our information are based on own experiences and genuine feedbacks from the previous guests, which makes ours’ the most authentic information.

  • Languages: Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi and some Bengali
  • Money: There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that visitors can bring.
  • Banks: Banks are open for transaction from 10:00 – 15:30 hrs on weekdays and from 10:00 – 12:00 hrs on Saturdays.
  • ATMs: Most towns in Kerala do have at least one ATM counter. While Federal Bank has the most ATM kiosks in Kerala, ICICI Bank, SBI/SBT, AXIS Bank, HDFC and Union Bank ATMs are also available at large.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: Main hotels, restaurants and shopping centres honour major debit/credit cards. It’s also advisable to carry some cash while on the trip, as smaller shops do not have card payment facilities.
  • Time: (Hours fast (+), slow (-) on IST) – USA: 10.30, Germany: 4.30, Canada: 10.30, France: 4.30, Australia: 4.30, Spain: 4.30, UAE: 1.30, UK: 5:30.
  • Best time to visit: High season: September-May; Monsoon Rejuvenation programmes: June-August
  • Travel Kit: Cotton outfits; hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion etc.
  • Drugs: Heavy penalties including imprisonment for possession of narcotic drugs.
  • Ayurveda: Visit only those Ayurveda centres that are classified/approved by the Department of Tourism. ( Top Choice – Ranger Woods, Thekkady )
  • Food: All standard restaurants offer a variety of cuisines including Continental, Chinese, Indian and typical Kerala food.
  • Medical Help: Even though well-appointed hospitals and well-stocked medical shops are available all over the state, it’s strictly advisable to carry enough quantity of the prescribed medicines while on the trips into the remote forest, high-range, and plantation areas.
  • Emergency Numbers: Police control room: 100; Fire station: 101; Ambulance: 102, 108; Police Helpline: While travelling on Highways (Highway Alert Number): 9846 100 100; While travelling in Trains (Railway Alert Number): 9846 200 100
  • Police Website:
  • Temple Codes: Some temples do not permit entry to non-Hindus. Strict dress codes are followed in most of the temples. Footwear is banned inside all temple premises.
  • Safety: Even though the state is relatively safer than other Indian states, it’s always advisable to use your instincts and be alert and stay within the rules of safety while travelling around.
  • Nudity: Nudity is not allowed in any Kerala beach.
  • Smoking: Smoking is strictly banned in public places.
  • Footwear in Houses: Visitors to most Kerala houses leave their footwear outside before entering the house.
  • Mobile Connectivity: While there are no dearth’s of mobile operators in Kerala, it’s always advisable to carry at least two connections from different mobile operators while on tour, especially in high-range/hilly regions, where you are most likely to receive sporadic signals.
  • Internet Access: while most hotels in Kerala do have wifi-facilities, internet cafes/kiosks are also available in most towns, irrespective of their sizes.
  • Demonstrativeness in Public: Behaviour, demonstrating affection in public like hugging or kissing is not an accepted practice in Kerala.
  • Power Cuts: A flashlight is also a must, as power cuts are frequent in the town.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: To visit a wildlife sanctuary, prior permission has to be taken from the authority concerned of the sanctuary.
  • Forest Department Website:
  • For further enquiries, contact: The Chief Conservator of Forests, Thiruvananthapuram 695 014, Tel: + 91 471 2322217
  • Government of Kerala Official website: To know more about Kerala, visit the website of the Government of Kerala –

5 Travel Apps

5 Travel apps that will help take your journey to the next level.

The access to a smart device has made our lives easier, not only in terms of day to day productivity and entertainment but also in our travels. This time our focus is on apps that are India-centric and will help you plan and organise your next vacation with ease.

How can you not have this app on your smart device when you plan to travel in India. Released by the Government of India, it attempts to reflect the true colours, diverse culture, religion and stunning scenic beauty of our country. The user interface is elegantly designed and has a unique way to explore India as the app segregates all the states on the basis of their regions – North, East, West and South. Within each state users can browse through all major cities along with their beautiful and unique HD pictures. Furthermore, within each city users can explore all the major attractions with its brief description on them. It is free for download on your Android or iOS, smartphones and tablets.

If you have booked your travel arrangements from different platforms and it is too much of a hassle, Ngpay is one app for users tackling multiple booking and ticketing. It has services enabling users to book railway, air and even movie tickets with ease. You can buy railway tickets from IRCTC; and air tickets from Jet Airways, GoAir, Air India and PVR Cinemas, INOX, Fame, Cinemax through this single application. Ngpay also has an online shopping platform for more than a hundred stores as well. You can also recharge your prepaid mobile numbers through this as. It is available on both Google Play and Apple app store.

Buses are the most used mode of transport in India especially when it comes to a weekend getaway. Train travel of course is the first choice, but the constant hang-ups on the IRCTC website and long waiting lines leave no other avenue than a bus. is an app that can solve your problems. With this, it is easy to book a bus journey and also get information on the destination and timings. Redbus does not only cover most metro cities but also covers smaller cities as well making it absolutely useful for travellers to have this app while travelling in India. This is a free app available for you and can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple app store.

TouristEye is an application that does not help you organise your trip, but instead helps you find the best prices and options for your trip. It also helps you in building up a wish list for destinations and the experience that you would like to have. This app is great for when you are planning family vacation or a weekend getaway. You can also share the same wish list with friends or family and collaborate with them on your next escapades. This is one of those applications that encourages you to take that long pending vacation. TouristEye app is available on Android and iOS smart devices.

If you plan to backpack on your next vacation then Airbnb is one app that must be downloaded. The app helps you book a bed and breakfast place in cities where you don’t want to spend too much and enjoy staying among the locals. You get to book from various youth hostels and BnB places in different cities in India, and they are not that bad. Some registered hostels are even better than many decent hotels that you will find and that too at a competitive rate. Check out the MadPackers Hostel in New Delhi, registered with Airbnb, and you will be more convinced that your travels can be economic as well a luxurious. The payment of the stay is already done within the app, so all you have to do is reach your BnB joint and check in hassle free. This app is available for download on both iOS and Android device.


How to avoid vomiting and nausea sensation while travelling

A lot of people suffer vomiting and nausea sensation while travelling. Those people not only create inconvenience to themselves but to fellow travellers as well. It is true that one likes to vomit during travelling. There are some proven tips which are helpful for people with the problem of motion sickness. If you consider those tips, you can avoid vomiting and nausea and make your journey fun and enjoyable.

  • When you plan for long journeys, try to have a light meal before embarking on the travel. Always avoid foods that are more oily and spicy.
  • If you are travelling with children, do not feed them milk. Besides, feed something at least two hours before starting the journey. Keep some biscuits or sweets so that you can give them if it is necessary. Make children involve in chatting or some games in order to avoid the chances of feeling nausea or vomiting.
  • Do not carry anything with harsh smell. Try to avoid the use of sprays or perfumes if you are travelling with people who have the tendency to vomit while travelling.
  • If you are travelling by a car, try to sit at the front seat but if you are travelling by bus or boat, then remember to choose a middle seat. It is wise to select a seat which provides least motion.
  • Do not allow children to sit facing backwards from the direction of travel as it may cause vomiting and nausea. Always remember to focus your view straight in front of the road.
  • If you are prone to vomiting and motion sickness, then avoid reading during journeys.
  • Open a source of fresh air or vent and take deep breath whenever you have the vomiting tendency or nausea feeling. It is better to stop travelling for a while until you get a normal feeling.
  • If the route of your journey involves curvy or winding roads, then it is better focus straight and avoids watching sights on the sides. Close your eyes and lie down for some time if you feel discomfort.
  • A good night sleep is effective before starting the journey. It is also good to sleep for some time for long journeys.
  • Do not try to stop vomiting if it is inevitable as you may feel better after that. Take some water and toffee immediately after vomiting.
  • If you find all the above tips are not helping, consult a physician before your next journey and take medicines as he prescribed.

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