Rajamala is a popular wildlife sanctuary in Kerala nestled at a height of 2695 ft above sea level famous for varieties of wildlife including Nilgiri Tahr. This well-known wildlife sanctuary draws thousands of tourists each year. Nilgiri Tahr, a mountain goat with spiky short fur is the main attraction of this tourist destination. Visiting the Rajamala Hills is the best way to watch the endangered and rare species of Nilgiri Tahr. Visit www.kochitaxi.in to arrange your taxi to reach this tourist destination and book your hotel accommodation at affordable rates for some hassle-free holidays in Munnar.

A Beautiful Hill Station

People who visit Kerala for holidays do not forget to visit the enchanting hill station of Munnar. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in South India. Aside its pleasant climate, Munnar offers plenty of tourist attractions. Located hardly 15 kilometers away from Munnar Town, Rajamala Hills is one of the must-visit places for the travelers to Munnar. Since there are more 1300 Nilgiri Tahrs in Rajamala Hills, there is no better way to watch these mountain goats at close quarters.

What To See In Rajamala

Rajamala Hills is a delight for photographers because of its astounding flora. Being one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the state, this tourist destination attracts thousands of tourists every year. This hilly region is home to many rare flowers including the eye-catching kurinji flowers. Many people visit Rajamala Hills and other popular hills and valleys in Munnar to enjoy the beauty of Neelakurinji flowers. Other places of attraction near Rajamala Hills include the Eravikulam National Park, Kuthumkal waterfalls and the dense forests.

For Different Adventure Activities

Rajamala Hills is not just a heaven for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers but also a favorite destination for many adventure freaks. They can find plenty of opportunities to live up their dreams of climbing, trekking and mountaineering. Rajamala Hills is also great to enjoy long walks through its dense forests and twisting roads.

The Best Of Flora And Fauna

Rajamala Hills is a favorite picnic spot for many people because of its rich flora and fauna. People who visit Munnar do not forget to visit this beautiful hilly region as it is only 15 kilometers away from the town. People will get a unique travel experience by visiting this region. Each visitor shall be enchanted with the fascinating nature that blessed with rich greenery. They can enjoy a large number of herbs, shrubs, trees, climbers and many other rare plants at this region. In fact, the richness of vegetation gives these hills the appearance of an eye-catching green carpet. This area is a virtual laboratory of nature for many visitors because of the availability of varieties of animals, reptiles, birds, trees and flowers. A lot of people including researchers and environmentalists visit Rajamala Hills in order to learn unique lesson about the nature. They not only can enjoy amazing vistas of nature but also go back with a refreshed body and mind.

Nearby Places To Visit

People who plan a trip to Rajamala Hills can include a few nearby places in their travel itinerary. Some of the beautiful attractions in close proximity to this hill station include Marayoor, Idukki Arch Dam and Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Time To Visit

People visit Rajamala throughout the year to enjoy its scenic nature but some restrictions are there during monsoon season for safety purposes. Travelers can visit this destination anytime between August and May so that they can enjoy the best of this place.

How To Reach

With excellent road connectivity, reaching the lovely hill station of Rajamala is not a problem for the travelers. Munnar Town is only 15 kilometers from this picnic spot and bus services are there at regular intervals to Rajamala. Kottayam is the nearest railway station to this tourist destination which is at a distance of 140 kilometers. The nearest Kochi/Cochin International Airport is 130 kilometers from Rajamala. Madurai Airport in Tamil Nadu is state is only 142 kilometers away.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area of Kerala with varieties of animal, amphibian and butterfly species located nearly 60 km away from Munnar. The well-known Eravikulam National Park is on the south side of this sanctuary and the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is on its north side. With more than 1000 species of flowering plants and varieties of medicinal plants, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a favorite hangout for many nature lovers, botanists and wildlife enthusiasts. Contact Kochi Taxi if you wish to explore this tourist destination and indulge in different eco-tourism activities offered by it. Get more details about Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary by logging on our website www.kochitaxi.in.

A Must-Visit Place In Munnar

Located in the rain shadow region of Western Ghats, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is perfect for people who wish to see a blend of all destinations in Kerala to explore. It has about 34 species of mammals including spotted deer and panthers and every nature or wildlife fanatic would like to explore. Some vulnerable species like grizzled giant squirrels and rusty spotted cats are also found in this sanctuary. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for the Mugger Crocodile and visitors shall be excited to watch them. This sanctuary also has around 150 species of butterflies and 22 amphibian species. . This protected region also features a designated World Heritage site.

A Place With Ethereal Natural Beauty

The rich rainforest provides an ethereal natural charm to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The beauty of it is complemented by the lovely Thoovanam Waterfalls, giving the forest an awe-inspiring appearance. People who visit this tourist destination enjoy nature walks at Chinnar and the gorgeous banks of River Pamber, where they will get the chance to spot giant squirrels and watch varieties of birds. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is also a great spot for adventure lovers where they can get strong adrenaline rush by indulging in different activities like trekking and camping. In fact, the scenic beauty of this sanctuary makes it an ideal backdrop for camping. There is a lofty watch tower in this place which offers beautiful views of the entire region.

Best Time To Visit

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is also a storehouse of various medicinal plants. Different types of allopathy and Ayurveda tablets are produced from these plants. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary looks extremely beautiful just after the monsoon season. In fact, you can feel a unique freshness in this tropical forest area during rainy season. So, many people visit this destination post monsoon or during winters.

Nearby Attractions

You can add several beautiful tourist attractions also in your travel itinerary during your trip to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. For travelers who wish to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of Kerala should visit the Thoovanam Falls. This elegant waterfall and the lovely Pamber River fascinate people from across the globe. Since this sanctuary practices eco-tourism, visitors are expected to be friendly and protectors of nature. Travelers to this wildlife sanctuary also plan trekking to the nearby Dolmens, a megalithic burial site. It is a great place to know the history of the country. Besides, you will get the opportunity to watch boars or crocodiles during the hike. The enchanting hills and the rich forests of the Western Ghats make the region an ideal backdrop for an exploratory, adventurous trip to Chinnar.

Getting There

Nearest railway station: Ernakulam, about 230 km

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 204 km


Chithirapuram is a beautiful area in Munnar with many scenic attractions. Travelers can see the influence of colonialism by visiting this region.  In fact, one can feel an old world charm in this destination. As you know, Munnar was the summer resort of the British. Travelers can spot many beautiful cottages and colonial bungalows. Chithirapuram also has many large playgrounds. In addition, it houses a beautiful palace which was belonging to British.

A Perfect Holiday Retreat

British built a palace at Chithirapuram in order to spend their summer holidays. The pleasant climate and panoramic nature of this hill station attracted them. They built this palace in Munnar so that they could escape from the scorching heat of the lowlands. Many travelers prefer to visit Munnar in order to unwind and relax. Chithirapuram is a good choice for people who wish to spend a few days away from the chaos of the city life.

Enjoy The Beauty Of The Palace

Never forget to visit the historical palace at Chithirapuram if you plan a trip to Munnar. You will certainly admire the beauty of its architecture. The colonial style is another attraction of this palace. Besides, the tranquil nature also makes your trip to this tourist attraction more enjoyable. Chithirapuram is one of the most picturesque areas in Munnar. Everybody gets fascinated by the green carpet of tea plantations on the way to this majestic tourist spot. It is truly an impressive hilly retreat. The great palace is set in the middle of charming hills. Enjoy the panoramic nature from the balcony of this elegant palace.

Perfect To Spend A Family Vacation

Enjoy a royal family stay by choosing one of the hotels or resort in Chithirapuram. It is an excellent destination to enjoy your family vacation. There so many grand hotels and resorts in this location that offer you fantastic holidays in Munnar. Chithirapuram is near to some of the well known tourist attractions in this hill station.  One of the nearest must-visit spot is Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project. This hilly region is also near to Mattupetty Dam, Anayirankal, Eravikulam National Park and Thoovanam Waterfalls.


The best time to visit Munnar is from August to May. Chithirapuram is around 98 kilometers from the Kochi/Cochin International Airport. Aluva railway station is around 108 kilometers away while Angamaly railway station is 109 kilometers from this place. You need to travel around 128 kilometers in order to reach Ernakulam railway station from Chithirapuram. Get more information about this place and to plan your Munnar holidays by visiting our website www.taxikochi.com.


Nyayamakad is a lovely place in Munnar famous for a waterfall located around 10 kilometers away from Munnar Town on the way to Rajamala. It is a great picnic spot for people who look for a serene and peaceful place to visit in this hill station to unwind and relax.  Many weekenders find it a great destination to spend their weekend because of its stunning waterfall and beautiful environment. This gorgeous waterfall falls down from a height of around 1600 meters giving a splendid view.

A Good Stopover

Nyayamakad is a good stopover for many people who are on the way to Rajamala. A stunning waterfall makes this destination popular. Situated in the midst of blissful nature, watching this cascade can be a beautiful experience. If you are a nature lover, never forget to visit this waterfall during your trip to Munnar. The nature is at its best in this region. Eravikulam National Park and Rajamala are must-visit spots in this hill station. Since Nyayamakad is on the way to these destinations, it is convenient for travelers to visit this enchanting waterfall. Besides the marvelous waterfall, Nyayamakad offers eye catching views of the gorgeous Munnar valleys.

Enjoy Nature At Its Best

Nyayamakad is a popular destination in Munnar. People love to visit this region because it can be a refreshing experience for them. It is a favorite place not only for visitors but many locals also loves to visit here. The best time to visit Nyayamakad is from October to April as nature is at its best during this time. The exotic environment and cool pleasant climate make you refreshed and rejuvenated. Many weekenders and honeymoon couples visit this area in order to enjoy the lovely waterfall and peaceful nature.

Plenty Of Activities

Aside the panoramic nature, Munnar offers so many exciting activities for its visitors. Nyayamakad is not an exception to this. There are several large tea plantations and rich greenery on the way to this hilly region. Women picking up lea leaves can be a regular view on the way to this Waterfall.  This region is famous among adventure lovers. It offers a lot of trekking trails. Besides, the area is suitable for rock climbing. For people who love to enjoy fishing should visit the Nyayamakad Estate because it provides excellent chances for angling.

Since Munnar is well linked by road, it is easy for travelers to reach Nyayamakad. Just take buses or hire auto rickshaws or taxis from Munnar Town if you wish to watch this waterfall. The nearest airport Kochi / Cochin International Airport is around 105 kilometers from this region. You need to travel around 106 kilometers from Ernakulam Railway station to reach this picnic spot. Get more information about Munnar and plan a trip to Nyayamakad Waterfall by visiting our website www.taxikochi.com.

Power House Waterfalls

Power House Waterfalls is a small but eye catching waterfall on the way to Thekkady with the backdrop of Western Ghats Ranges. It is an ideal spot to spend a few hours with your friends or family. Besides this stunning waterfall, each visitor should appreciate its panoramic surroundings. The nearby areas of Power House Waterfalls fascinate travelers with beautiful streams, dense forests and rich flora and fauna. Enjoy a refreshing picnic experience by planning a trip with your family to this waterfall.

A Must-Visit Attraction In Munnar

Exploring the mesmerizing hill station of Munnar can be an amazing experience for each visitor. A lot of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts visit this area not only to enjoy the stunning waterfall but also to explore its scenic nature. As you know Munnar is famous for its panoramic nature. The green covered tea plantations are worth to watch. The mist covered mountains and scenic valleys give you a unique holiday experience. The hill station is also popular for its mind-blowing waterfalls. Power House Waterfalls is a must-visit tourist attraction in Munnar.

Gorgeous Backdrop

Cascades down from a steep rock, it is lovely to watch the Power House Waterfall.  Since it is on the way to Thekkady with a scenic backdrop, many travelers find it as a good halt. It is a small waterfall in the region and relatively less popular. But it is certainly worth visiting because of the panoramic surroundings. This cascade falls from steep rocks from a height of nearly 2000 meters. No doubt, you just love to watch this small but powerful waterfall and its scenic surroundings.

Water With Curing Powers

People love to take bath in the water of Power House Waterfall because of its medicinal properties.  This waterfall is originated from the ‘Seetha Devi Kulam’ and associated with Goddess Sita devi. The water of it has a good amount of minerals and oxides. One of the interesting features of this picnic spot is that this waterfall is seasonal. You can see it in full form only when the Sita Devi Lake overflows. So, it is wise to check with the tourism department before paying a visit to this area. You cannot enjoy the beauty of this cascade throughout the year.

Power House Waterfall is on the Munnar – Thekkady Route nearly 18 kilometers from Munnar. Aluva Railway station and Kochi / Cochin International Airport are around 140 kilometers from this picnic spot. Just hire a taxi or auto rickshaw from Munnar Town if you wish to watch this waterfall. Log on www.taxikochi.com for planning a trip to Power House Waterfall in order to watch its beauty and stand under it to get the feeling of a natural massage.


Ramakkalmedu is a scenic hill station in Idukki district located on the Karunapuram Panchayath noted for its windmills. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the district of Idukki. This stunning hamlet is around 40 kilometers away from Thekkady. So, it can be a good halt for travelers to this astonishing hill station. There is a beautiful statue of Kuravan and Kurathi at this destination which truly fascinates visitors. Besides, they can enjoy awe-inspiring views of a few villages and towns in the nearby Tamil Nadu state. Plan a trip to Ramakkalmedu with Taxi Kochi.

Know The Meaning

Ramakkalmedu is certainly a peculiar name which means the ‘land of Rama’s Stone’. In other words, this is the place where Lord Rama kept his leg. The lord kept his feet in this place during his search for his beloved wife Sita. This hill station is around 3500 feet above sea level and offers eye catching views of the surroundings. It is exciting for the travelers to watch some of the villages of Tamil Nadu such as Theni, Cumbum, Thevaram and Kombe from Ramakkalmedu.

A Great Wind Farm

Aside its outstanding nature, Ramakkalmedu is also famous for its windmills. Wind is what you can find all around this beautiful hill station. Wind flows at this region at high speed throughout the year. So, it may be difficult for visitors to stay against it when they are at the top of this hill. It is truly a place of wind. The wind blows at this region at a speed of 35 km/hour. It can be the maximum recorded speed in Asia. The Wind energy farm at Ramakkalmedu produce 12.5 MW and hold the second position in the state for producing power. Travelers find it great to watch the large wind mills from the hills of this tourist destination.

Plan A Trip

Thekkady and Munnar are two popular nearby hill stations. Since Ramakkalmedu is on the way to Thekkady, it can be a good stopover for travelers to this hill station. You will certainly love the picturesque nature in this destination. It must be exciting to reach the top of this hill station and watch the beautiful nature. Make a plan to take a walk with your family or friends to reach this hill. You can also use vehicle to reach the top of the hill. Remember, you will not be allowed to take the vehicle to the premises of statue.

The destination is around 129 kilometers away from Kochi/Cochin International Airport. Changanasserry is the nearby railway station and you need to travel around 90 kilometers from there to reach Ramakkalmedu. Plan a trip to this hill station through Kochi Taxi.

Cheruthoni Dam

The Cheruthoni Dam is a concrete gravity dam built across the Periyar River located in the Idukki district in Kerala near Idukki Arch Dam. One can reach this picnic spot only by a jeep or by foot. Travelers can enjoy boating through this dam. KSEB or Kerala State Electricity Board looks after this region. They rent out boats for travelers in order to enjoy cruise. Cheruthoni River runs through the village of Cheruthoni which is a tributary of Periyar. Never forget to visit the Cheruthoni Dam if you plan to visit the Idukki Arch Dam.

Concrete Gravity Dam

The concrete gravity dam, Cheruthoni is built across the Periyar River in the year 1976. It is a famous picnic spot in Idukki and people who visit the Idukki Arch Dam also prefer to visit this dam. This dam is almost 3917 feet above sea level from where visitors can enjoy mind-blowing views of the surroundings. Even one can enjoy a few areas of the Kochi city during a clear day from this spot. Astounding nature is the main attraction of the Cheruthoni Dam. This picnic spot is also near to Painavu, the administrative headquarters of the district, Idukki.

Enjoy A Cruise

Idukki is famous for its enchanting greenery and rich wildlife. In fact, this district offers plenty of stunning tourist attractions. Idukki Arch Dam and Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary are two main tourist attractions in the district. A lot of holidaymakers and honeymoon couples choose Thekkady and Munnar for their trip. These two hill stations are also belong to this district. The Cheruthoni Dam is a part of KSEB and they rent out boats for visitors. You will certainly love the 2-hour cruise through the lovely dam during your visit to this picnic spot.

A Part Of Idukki Hydro Electric Project

It is interesting to know that the Cheruthoni Dam built on the Periyar River as a part of the Idukki Hydro Electric project. This 138 meters tall dam constructed around 2300 feet above mean sea level works as a spillway dam. It helps to control the water level of the common reservoir. The shutters of this dam used to lift in order to reduce the water level during emergency or contingent situations. People love to visit this region so that they can enjoy the mind-blowing nature. In fact, the 3 dams in the region, its common reservoir, picturesque mountain ranges and the stunning greenery attract travelers from different parts of the world.

The Cheruthoni Dam is a must-visit tourist attraction in Idukki. The dam and the scenic surroundings make each visitor refreshed. Plan your trip to Idukki and know the beautiful attractions in the district through our website www.taxikochi.com.


Devikulam is a beautiful hill station near Munnar nestled among rich tea and rubber plantations ideal for trekking. It is almost 8 kilometers away from Munnar Town at an altitude of around 1800 meters above sea level. The lake in this destination is associated with the Hindu Goddess Sita and derived the name Devikulam. Contact Taxi Kochi if you would like to plan a trip to Devikulam and make your accommodation at best rates with a grand hotel or resort in this tourist spot.

Beautiful Sita Devi Lake

Yes, Sita Devi Lake is the true attraction of Devikulam. Hidden behind the enchanting green slopes, the emerald green waters of this lake is truly fascinating. Another reason for the popularity of this destination is that this lake is perfect to enjoy fishing. Many people visit this area to enjoy trout fishing. The crystal clear atmosphere is another attraction of Devikulam. It is an ideal place to enjoy some refreshing family holidays. Many weekenders also love to visit this area to unwind and relax.

An Awe-Inspiring Hill Station

Even though there is a lake in Devikulam, the destination is famous as a hill station. It is an exceptionally beautiful place where you can see green carpet of tea gardens. Besides, the freshness of rich flora and fauna is there to welcome you. It is an ideal place for your honeymoon or a family vacation. Aside, you will be able to visit some popular tourist attractions nearby during your trip to Devikulam.

Famous Tourist Attractions

It must be a wonderful experience for travelers to spend some time in Devikulam by enjoying fishing in the Sita Devi Lake. Besides, you can visit some nearby places Such as Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mangala Devi Temple and Pallivasal Waterfalls. You will also love to visit the Nedumkandam hills, Sanyasi Caves, Kuthumkal Waterfalls and Idukki National Park. These places are suitable for animal lovers and wildlife photographers. Kids love to visit this place because they can spot wildlife such as elephants, leopards, gaurs and sambars.

How To Reach

With well connected roads, reaching Devikulam will not be a problem for travelers. You can hire a taxi or take buses from Kochi/Cochin International Airport or the Ernakulam railway station to reach this picnic spot.  The nearest railway station Kottayam is nearly 130 kilometers from this place. If you can find a taxi with efficient and well experienced driver in hill driving, your journey to Devikulam can be a wonderful experience. You can enjoy so many marvelous attractions on your way to this hill station. Visit our website www.taxikochi.com to plan your Munnar holidays and a trip to Devikulam.


Muniyara is a must-visit spot near Marayoor in Munnar where you can see the dolmens that tell the unique history of Stone Age civilization. It locates almost 42 kilometers away from Munnar in a panoramic village on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Travelers can enjoy nature at close quarters here because this region belongs to the Nilgiri Mountain ranges.

Muniyaras are the burial chambers date back to Stone Age worth visiting during your Munnar trip. Many historians and archeologists visit this destination in order to watch and study the special stone structures.

Matchless Stone Attractions

Marayoor is famous for its extensive sandalwood forests. It is a must-visit attraction in Munnar due to many reasons. People travel to Marayoor never fails to visit the Muniyaras for watching the stone burial chambers. These structures are made up of 5 stone slabs. You can see a large stone that covers the burial chamber called the cap stone. Never forget to pay visit to the Muniyaras in order to enjoy these megalithic relics. Visiting this place gives you an idea about the ancient age and their civilization. The burial chambers in this destination are called Dolmenoid cists.

Get Insight About The Megalithic Age

Muniyaras are a favorite spot for many historians. This is an ideal place for people who keep a deep interest in such megalithic relics. Historians believe that these burial chambers are more than 1000 years old. Just visit the place to watch and study the unique stone burial chambers belonging to the ancient age. Those remnants of the Megalithic Age say a lot of the civilization of the people belonging that period. Take a look into the life and history of people of Stone Age by visiting the Muniyaras in Munnar


Muniyara is on the way to Kanthalloor, another great tourist attraction in Munnar famous for farm tourism.  These burial chambers are located in a beautiful region in the Idukki district in Kerala. You can enjoy these wonderful prehistoric dolmens by traveling around 40 kilometers from Munnar. The nearest Kochi/Cochin International Airport is around 150 kilometers away from this tourist spot. Each visitor should appreciate his visit to these underground burial chambers because they set on the slopes of Western Ghats.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

A lot of anthropologists and historians from across the world visit Muniyaras to watch the unique burial chambers. In addition to them, it is also a favorite spot of many honeymoon couples and holidaymakers.  Since it is near to Marayoor, people to this destination love to pay a visit to Muniyaras as well. Plan your trip to Munnar and to the Muniyaras with Taxi Kochi.

Punarjani Traditional Village

Punarjani Traditional Village is a cultural center in Munnar where travelers can enjoy traditional art forms like Kathakali and Kalaripayattu. People who would like to experience the rich culture and tradition of the state should pay a visit to this culture center. The best feature of this tourist spot is that it offers traditional art forms daily. Skilled artists perform them every evening in order to attract travelers. Each traveler can make his trip to the panoramic hill station of Munnar more interesting and memorable by visiting this cultural center.

Experience The True Flavor Of Kerala

People love to visit Munnar because it can be a great hill station with pleasant climate and scenic nature. Besides, this destination offers plenty of activities for their visitors. Once you visit this tourist spot, you will realize that it is a visual retreat. Holidaymakers and honeymoon couples can enjoy some of the most beautiful days of their life in this hill station. Travelers to Kerala always keen to know its rich culture and tradition. The state has glorious history and rich culture. The traditional art forms like Kathakali and Kalaripayattu are parts of its rich culture and heritage. Just visit the Punarjani Traditional Village in order to watch these art forms.

Kathakali – A Classical Indian Dance Drama

Kathakali is powerful classical drama that originated in Kerala. Being known as the king of performing arts, watching this great art form can be a thrilling experience for each visitor. Never forget to visit the popular Punarjani Traditional Village if you would like to enjoy this art form. It is a blend of both literature and music. Travelers can watch Kathakali performed by skilled artists at this center. This art form is also a mixture of dancing and acting. It must be interesting to watch artists who perform the art in attractive costumes with elaborated facial makeup. A Kathakali artist needs to undergo years of practice to become a perfect artist.

Kalaripayattu – Traditional Martial Art Of Kerala

The renowned martial art, Kalaripayattu is also originated in Kerala. People who visit this South Indian state never forget to enjoy the spell and vigor of this martial art form. It is considered as the ‘Mother of all martial arts’ because most of the popular martial arts of the world like Kung-Fu, Judo and Karate used the techniques of Kalari. One needs to undergo years of tough practice to become a perfect martial art performer.  It helps him to acquire perfect fitness of the body and mind.

Punarjani Traditional Village aims to develop our rich tradition and preserve cultural heritage. Many well trained artists perform here so that travelers can enjoy excellent shows of Kathakali and Kalaripayattu. You can enjoy Kathakali from 5 pm to 6 pm at this place. Kalaripayattu starts from 6 pm to 7 pm every day. Guests need to pay an entry fee of Rs. 200/- in order to enjoy each show.