Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru is a beautiful picnic spot in Kerala located nearly 30 kilometers away from Kochi offers breathtaking views of River Periyar. A trip to this lovely picnic spot leaves you awestruck. Even if it is an overlooked tourist spot, it has high potential when it comes to tourism. A lot of people prefer less crowded places for their vacation and Paniyeli Poru is a tranquil and peaceful tourist destination in Kerala. Contact Kochi Taxi to book your taxi from Kochi to Paniyeli Poru for an amazing travel experience.

A Marvelous Picnic Spot With Breathtaking Views

Located at the outskirts of Kochi, Paniyeli Poru has amazing landscape with mind-blowing views. Visitor will be excited to watch picturesque views of River Periyar that takes its winding paths between the rich forests and the rocks. It is not only a favorite tourist spot for travelers but many locals also find it an excellent getaway to spend their weekends. People love to visit this place with their families and participate in different activities. Each traveler to this tourist spot admires the beauty of its rain forests and the rocky Periyar River in the backdrop of the gorgeous Malayattoor Hills. You will be able to immerse in lush greenery and abundant tranquility by visiting the astonishing destination of Paniyeli Poru.

Enjoy Walk Through Scenic Trails

With milky waterfalls, marvelous rivulets and beautiful streams, Paniyeli Poru is a perfect destination to spend a weekend. The majestic whirlpools and waves fascinate each visitor to this destination. It shall be exciting to watch them bouncing on the rocks. Visitors need to take tickets in order to enter the picnic area of this spot. There is a Forest Office counter almost 1 kilometer away from wooded parking area on the river bank. You can buy tickets from there. People who visit Paniyeli Poru prefer to take long walks through the enchanting trails. Wooden benches, swings and sign boards are there along the trails for the comfortable walking of the picnickers.

Best Time To Visit

From December to May is the best time to visit this Paniyeli Poru. Many people visit this place just after monsoon to enjoy swimming in the water. Try to cross the streams in this place so that you can reach the tiny but picturesque island in the middle of the river. Paniyeli Poru is a less explored tourist spot in Kerala but has huge potential for tourism. Even if it attracts travelers with breathtaking sceneries, this destination lacks enough eateries and restaurants. So, it is wise to carry food and water if you plan a trip to this weekend getaway.

Paniyeli Poru is a must-visit tourist spot for people who visit the vibrant port city of Kochi. Contact Kochi Taxi or visit our website to get more details about this tourist spot and to book your taxi to reach this destination.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (35 Kms)

Nearest Railway Station: Aluva (35 Kms); Angamaly (35 Kms)

Bastion Bungalow

Bastion Bungalow to get the badge of Heritage Museum

Bastion Bungalow to get the badge of Heritage Museum is all about the new achievement of Bastion bungalow which is one of the oldest Dutch heritage sites in India. Bastion bungalow which is situated in Fort Kochi, Kerala will be the first heritage museum in the district of Ernakulam.

Raymond, executive director of Kerala Museum has been entrusted with the work to the path of the heritage museum title. He said work on this area in Bastion Bungalow has begun and it will take about two years for the completion of the work. It is a part of the initiative of the Kerala government which proposes to have a heritage museum in every district of Kerala.

Bastion Bungalow was part of the Fort Immanuel that was built by the Dutch in 1663, facing the calm sea. A part of it one of the bastions, Stromberg was later transformed into the present Bastion Bungalow. It is built modelling on the Indo – European style architecture. Later after the reign of Dutch when the British came to rule the Country, they destroyed the Fort Immanuel. But they didn’t touch the Bastion Bungalow and it remained intact.

After India got Independence from the British powers, it wasconverted into the residence of sub-divisional officers. In 2000, it was handed over to the archaeology department of India. In between these years the bungalow came into limelight when it featured in the Ivory Merchant film ‘Cotton Mary’ in the late nineties.

Mr. Raymond said that the Bungalow will now be turned into the first district heritage museum of the state. About Rs.1 crore has been allotted by the State government for the initial developmental works of the project. It would take about two years for completing the project. The state government hasset aside about Rs. 14 crore for the development of heritage museums in the state.

Raymond added that the after the completion of the project the Bastion Bungalow will be equipped with facilities to give compact information about all one wants to know about Kochi. The Kerala museum will be the nodal agency for setting up and managing heritage museums in every district of Kerala. The cultural affairs department is now trying hard to get UNESCO supported Heritage Conservation Project for Fort Kochi which contains several important heritage sites of Kerala.

lllikal Kallu and llaveezhaponchira

lllikal Kallu and llaveezhaponchiralllikal Kallu and llaveezhaponchira – Hills Of Happiness

A perfect spot for an all-women trek, lllikal Kallu and llaveezhaponchira offer amazing sights of pristine nature, excitement of trekking and unimaginable volumes of freedom.

Happiness was visible on everyone’s face as the group kicked off the journey on a sunny Saturday from Vytilla, Kochi, to lllikal Kallu and llaveezhaponchira. In fact, it was an escape for all those women on board from their hectic routines. Hopes began to rise as the journey proceeded through the Thodupuzha-Muttam- Melukavu route. It took only a few hours to reach the destination on the outskirts of Kottayam district.

Then, there was a short trekking. Although it was an easy trek, a few panted while climbing. But, none of them was ready to give up and went ahead. But, every difficulty flew away from their mind upon reaching the pinnacle of the hill, watching the beautiful hill surrounded by mist. It was afternoon but the sun was gentle. The team had to wait a bit to move the mist away to get the clear picture of the hill. And it was amazing.

“We are 6,000 ft above the sea level now,” said Indu, tour operator. lllikal Kallu is an array of three hills and is a good spot for photographers. As the mist moved away, the team was busy discussing the shape of the hill. While for some it looked as if a lion lay on a rock, for others, it seemed the image of a sage. Security measures are tightened on the area post two deaths of persons and tourists are allowed only to watch the hill from the viewpoint. However, it was sad to see a group of boys venturing into the restricted area neglecting the caution board.
Sitting there for a while savouring the beauty of the hill, the team descended the hill to have food.

Next destination was llaveezhaponchira. It was quite exciting for the driver to pull the vehicle on the bends and at one point he had to stop as the road was damaged. Then, a jeep came from the DTPC cottage, where the stay was arranged. It was a quite a bumpy ride but everyone loved it. The peaceful cottage on the top of llaveezhaponchira was a wonderful place to spend time. A lot of myths are tied to llaveezhaponchira, a place where leaves don’t fall. It is said that there is a pond that Pandavas built for Draupadi and another pond where Seetha took bath.

What excited the women was the freedom the place offered. Laying on the rock at night looking at the moon and walking on the road under moonlight without any fear were icings on the cake. And everyone retired to bed. The climate was cold but not chilling.

The next day’s activities began with a morning walk to the peak of llaveezhaponchira to watch the sunrise. The colours of sun, greenery, chirruping of birds provided a perfect ambience for meditation. After breakfast, it was time to pack. The return journey began. On the way, there was a waterfall to complete the adventure list. And, there they were going back to Kochi with loads of memories.

Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala Folklore Museum is a must-visit architectural wonder in Kochi located at Thevara ideal to study and experience different art forms of Kerala. Kerala is a beautiful destination in India with rich culture and heritage. There are many organizations here to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of the state.  Kerala Folklore Museum is one such non-profit organization to promote the folklore of the state. This architectural museum is worth visiting for people who would like to explore the beautiful tourist attractions in the city. This is the right place where travelers can get an idea about the culture and the life of common man in Kerala for many centuries.

A Unique Venture

Kerala Folklore Museum opened in the year 2009 as a venture to promote and preserve the rich folklore wealth of the state.  It locates at Thevara in Kochi. People love to visit this 3-storied architectural charm in order to take a walk down the history. Here, they can come across with the times gone by. It can be a wonderful experience to get an idea about the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. This museum is truly a great picnic spot because it houses many artifacts.

An Architectural Wonder

Visit Kerala Folklore Museum if you would like to watch the exquisite architectural styles of Kerala. In fact, this 3-floor building is following the styles of Travancore, Cochin and Malabar. The entrance of this museum built using the remains of a 16th century temple in Tamil Nadu. The entire charming wood carvings of it collected from different parts of Kerala. Each visitor should notice the traditionally decorated door lock called Manichithrathazhu of the entrance door. Pierced windows made of wood near the entrance door are also attractive. It reminds you about the captivating Malabar architectural style.

Things To Watch

Visitors can watch different dance and art forms of the state that show our rich heritage.  Besides, it houses plenty of artifacts that reflect the aroma of the bygone period like beautiful sculptures in stone, bronze and wood, masks, traditional jewelry, ritual and traditional art forms, Stone-Age utensils, musical instruments and manuscripts of astrological secrets and rare medicines. All these things preserve in this museum with great care.

Enjoy the Cochin style of architecture by visiting the first floor of the museum. Named as Kalithattu, this area showcases costumes of different traditional dance and art forms of the state such as Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniyattam and Ottanthullal. The second Floor, Kamaladalam is adorned with an eye catching wooden chiseled ceiling using 60 frames and several beautiful mural paintings.

Enjoy Stage Performances

There is a theatre in the Kerala Folklore Museum where guests can enjoy stage performances every day. Just visit the museum at 6.30 to watch traditional and ritual dance forms of the state. This elegant museum is the result of the determination and efforts of Mr. George Thaliath and his wife Annie George. Many skilled carpenters and workers also contributed to make the museum an architectural wonder. They took more than 7 years to complete this museum.

Plan Your Visit

We, Taxi Kochi help travelers to visit the museum. It is open from 9.30 am to 7 pm every day. Whether it is an educational visit or group visit, we help you to visit the museum at your own convenience.  Advance booking is available for educational visits.  The museum is a perfect place to experience traditional art forms. They also arrange lecture on folklore studies related to different art forms, culture and heritage by experts. Adults need to pay Rs.100/- for visits while students can enter the museum by paying Rs.50/-.

Group Visit

Advance booking is also available for groups who plan to visit this museum. They organize many activities and lectures for group visitors to study and experience traditional art forms of the state. Many people prefer to attend their “Day with Master” on different art forms. Guide service also available for group visitors on request.  This is a fine opportunity for visitors to attend different performing arts and traditional art forms. Besides, they conduct classes on face painting, cookery classes and short classes on Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyatam, Kathakali and the well known martial art, Kalaripayattu.

Facilities In The Museum

In addition to many artifacts, guests can enjoy exhibition and sale of different contemporary and modern arts, ancient arts and antiques. There is a souvenir shop in the museum which houses antique crafts, hand-woven textile items, books, jewelry, lifestyle artifacts, wood carvings and palm fiber products. Visit the Spice Art Café at the museum to enjoy ethnic culinary items of the state.  You can also find separate shopping spaces for coffee, tea, Ayurvedic products, Aromatic perfumes and Organic Spices. An ethnic theatre is another attraction Kerala Folklore Museum where guests can enjoy various traditional art forms.

Easy To Reach

Kerala Folklore Museum locates at Thevara in Kochi. Cochin / Kochi International Airport is around 30 kilometers from this place. Ernakulam is the nearest railway station which is well connected with all the major towns and cities of Kerala as well as India. It is easy for the travelers to find KSRTC and private buses from the railway station and airport to reach this museum. You can also hire a taxi to reach this destination. Log on to know more about this picnic spot in Kochi and to plan your visit.


Kakkathuruthu – A gem in the backwater

Known as the island of crows, Kakkathuruthu is a tiny islet in Vembanad backwaters and can be accessed only by a traditional canoe cruise. Abin KI conies back impressed

Located in Ezhupunna panchayath near Eramalloor in Alleppey district, Kakkathuruthu is a five minute cruise into the Vembanand backwaters. The picturesque island is named so due to the large number of crows that arrive there at dusk to find shelter for the night.

With only 300 – odd homes here, life is peaceful and the locals are simple. The mud and sand roads, creeks, ponds, wells and two sacred groves – Plakkissery and Vadakkinezhathu are the prime attractions here. The lure of the island with lush coconut groves has been captured by photographers during sundown when the shadows extend and the sky shifts from soft blue to orange. The lined coconut trees and the presence of water weeds with flowers offer a charm to the pho-tographic enthusi¬asts and nature lovers. The quiet island is a haven for birdwatchers. They say, Thampi chettans house is the best spot to view the sunset.

One can witness Pathazham — the traditional water regulating equipment made of wood used for filling water into the creeks from the backwaters. Walking on bridges made of coconut wood to cross the creeks make the experience surreal.

On the Global Tourism Map The island has been recently listed in National Geographic Magazines ‘Around the World in 24 Hours/ a photographic tour of stunning travel spots in the world. It is the only spot to get an entry into the list from India, for the fine sunset views. The Nat Geo team had enjoyed the sunset views from a traditional rowboat on the calm backwaters. The photo had a flurry of sari clad women returning home in shallow boats and fishermen who light lamps and cast nets.

The visit was totally an awe- inspiring experience for me as it offered opportunities to observe the life of the islanders closely and the beauty of pristine nature. Beyond doubt, it is one of the best tourism spots I have visited till date.

Vytilla Mobility Hub

Vytilla Mobility HubVytilla Mobility Hub is a transit terminal in the city of Kochi with state of the art facilities. This well designed integrated transport terminal is a converging place for different forms of public transportation. Be it road transport, water transport or metro rail, you can find the right mode at this hub. Kochi is a fast growing metro city which requires comprehensive plan in order to meet the needs and demands in traffic and transport. The latest buzz is that the government has plans to develop the Vytilla Mobility Hub as a center of different public transportation system.

A Grand Funding Proposal From The French Development Agency

Uncertainty about the development of Vytilla Mobility Hub is over. The French Development Agency, AFD has been ready to offer financial support for the development of this project.  They offer funding at minimum interest rate. Considering this external support, the government has planned to develop Vytilla Mobility Hub. They planned to transform it as a center of different public transportation system. Further decisions will be made after the restructuring of the Mobility Hub Society Executive Committee. They have also plans to develop the 25 acres land at Vytilla. It may transform into Multi-model Transport Hub as a part of the first agenda of the new executive committee.

This 25 acres land at Vytilla has favorable conditions to convert it as a great hub. It can certainly unite different public transportation systems into one place. Many big cities of foreign countries can this type of transportation hubs. This kind of multi-model transportation hub will become more important in the future. So, it is important to combine the road, water and metro rail transportation under one ticket.

The French Development Agency (AFD) that provides external funding to the Kochi Metro has already commented about the favorable conditions at Vytilla to develop the multi-model transportation hub. AFD has informed their willingness to offer funding at minimum interest rate to this project also to Mr. Elias George, MD., the Kochi Metro Rail Limited. KMRL informed this finance proposal of AFD to the government. This matter will also be discussed in the upcoming Mobility Hub Executive committee. Government has shown interest in the proposal and has plans to take funding from AFD to complete the project.

One Stop For Bus, Metro And Boat

A traveler can easily go to different parts of Kochi city after the successful completion of Vytilla Multi-Model Transportation Hub. It will be a one-stop solution for bus, boat and metro rail transport. A person who reaches this hub from any place can continue his journey by choosing the right transportation mode. The best advantage of Vytilla is that it is adjacent to the National Highway. It is also a junction where 5 most important roads meet. Besides, Kaniyambuzha River shares one border of Vytilla Hub.

Convenient For Railway Passengers

One of the most important metro stations in the city is in the Vytilla Hub. Railway can find enough space here almost 300 meters away from the metro station to establish a halting station. If it will become a reality, this multi-model hub can include railway passengers as well. A railway halting station can be a good idea at the Vytilla Hub.  But travelers will not find any difficulty to reach the nearby railway stations in Kochi without a halting station. Both the Ernakulam North and South railway stations are only 4 kilometers from Vytilla Mobility Hub.

Better Public Utilities

The commercial requirements will be less after the makeover of Vytilla Hub to a multi-model transportation hub. The available space can be utilized for the improvement of public facilities. The authorities have already included more area for commercial purposes at Vytilla Hub for the survival of the Hub Society. But most of the shopping complexes still remain vacant in the hub. So, they decided not to include anymore in the upcoming multi-model transportation hub.

The funding offer from AFD is attractive for the government because of its minimum interest rate. However, the funds from this French Development Agency can be accepted only after the approval of the government and the Mobility Hub Society Executive. The application for the funding will be submitted only after getting approval from both these parties.  The main purpose of this new project at Vytilla is to bring different transportation means for the convenience of passengers. This project can be a comprehensive plan to meet different transportation needs of a fast growing city like Kochi.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Do you love to watch varieties of exotic birds? It is interesting for people to spot a wide range of local and migratory birds. Visit the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekkad to watch different local and migratory birds. It is an outstanding bird paradise that surrounds by rich forests. People love to visit here because of its rich bird diversity. They can reach the hotspots where birds can be seen easily with the help of a guide. So, visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary if you plan a trip to the majestic hill station of Munnar.

Visiting the well known Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary can be a wonderful experience for each traveler. Locates at the foot of Western Ghats, it is among the richest bird habitat in the country. In fact, this picnic spot has bird species just like the eastern Himalayan region. This tourist spot is on Northern banks of Periyar River and spread across around 25 kilometers. Also known as the Thattekad Sanctuary, it named after the famous Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. It is in the Ernakulam district in the Kothamangalam Taluk. Most of the forest in the region converted for the cultivation of Mahogany and Teak. However, one can enjoy unique bird diversity in the remaining forest areas.

A Unique Bird Paradise

Thattekad region is in a transition area. It locates between the moist deciduous forests and montane rain forests of South Western Ghats bio-geographic zones. In fact, the range of moist deciduous forests surrounds the evergreen montane rain forests in this eco-region.  You can see an evergreen wet forest in some areas of this sanctuary because of the southwest monsoon rains. Even though most of the natural vegetation in the area has been converted or cleared, you can watch unique bird species in the remaining forests of Thattekad.

How To Reach Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is almost 13 kilometers north-east of Kothamangalam from where you can get buses to Thattekad. It is along the Pooyamkutty road. There are many privately run buses from Ernakulam that go via Perumpavur or Muvattupuzha in order to reach this destination. Although the construction of a bridge across the Periyar River started, buses need to cross the river even now by ferry. The nearest Cochin/Kochi airport is around 71 kilometers from this spot. Aluva railway station is only 48 kilometers from Thattekad

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a hot spot for bird lovers. This bird paradise locates between two areas of River Periyar. Visiting the bird sanctuary in order to enjoy the bird diversity can be a beautiful experience. We, Taxi Kochi help travelers to explore the area conveniently. With our guided trips, you can spot more birds in the area. So, log on our website to plan your trip to this bird sanctuary to enjoy a wide range of exotic bird species.


Malayattoor is a small town located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala famous for the pious center set on the slopes of Western Ghats. The main attraction of Malayattoor is its ancient Catholic Church which is very famous among the Christian devotees of South India. Everybody knows that Kerala is a scenic state with fabulous beaches, sparkling backwaters, picturesque hill stations and exotic wildlife. Kerala is also famous for its sacred pilgrim centers. In fact, the whole South India is blessed with many delightful and exotic tourist destinations and pilgrim centers.

Malayattoor is a beautifully located pilgrim center in Kerala. The literal meaning of ‘Malayattoor’ is a place of land, river and mountain. This holy center is situated approximately 52 kilometers from Kochi. The main reason for the popularity of Malayattoor is its largest pious center in the country in the name of St. Thomas. It is also the first pilgrim center in the country that has achieved the international status by the official seat of the Vatican, the Holy See.

Thousands of pilgrims visit this pilgrim center every year irrespective of caste and creed. Many devotees carry different sizes of wooden crosses while climbing the mountain of Malayattoor in April to offer prayers. The Malayattoor Feast or Malayattoor Perunnal is celebrated on the Sunday just after the Easter. This well known church is on the scenic Kurisumundy hill on the Western Ghats region.

Placed at a height of around 1269 feet above sea level, this church is a well known place for reverence especially for Catholic Christians. Malayattoor Church is famous for its association with St. Thomas. One of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas reached Kodungalloor in India in the year AD 52 to spread the Gospel of love. He stayed in India for nearly 20 year and performed missionary work.

You can find 2 churches dedicated to St. Thomas in Malayattoor with unique architecture. The façade of the church has conventional Roman architectonics while the chantry of the church is in Greek style. The carved paintings and designs behind the chantry are worth watching. A lot of devotees visit the church to see the foot imprints of the Apostle on a rock and his life-size statue.

The nearest railway station is Angamaly which is almost 17 kilometers from Malayattoor. Since not all trains have stops at Angamaly, it is better to get down at Alwaye to reach this holy center. Cochin / Kochi international Airport is the nearest airport to Malayattoor which is only 15 kilometers from this pilgrim center.

The serene and calm surroundings of Malayattoor church also give a refreshing feeling to visitors. The best time to visit this holy center is during March or April. Plan a trip to this pious center to offer prayers and to enjoy the scenic surroundings. You can come back with a refreshed mind after your trip to Malayattoor.

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How To Reach Kochi

Cochin International Airport
is a vibrant city in Kerala with several architectural wonders and historical sites that fascinate a lot of travelers from across the world. In fact, this city has been attracting a lot of tourists and traders from across the globe since ancient times. The eclectic influence made it an enchanting city in India. You can see the influence of many people like British, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabs and Dutch in the port city of Kochi.

Kochi has been known as the economical and commercial center of Kerala. Now, this historical city has achieved the credit of the first city in the world to have an airport that run completely on solar power. A lot of people visit this coastal city every year to explore its natural, historical, religious and cultural tourist attractions.

With a strong network of trains, ships, flights and buses, one can easily access this city from different parts of the county. The Nedumbassery Airport also known as the Cochin/Kochi International airport is located almost 40 kilometers away from this city which operates the service of several domestic and international flights. Ernakulam railway station is the nearest railway station to this port city which is within 5 kilometers radius.

As an ancient port city, one can choose sea route also to reach Kochi. Regular cruise ship services are available from destinations like Lakshadweep, Goa and Male.  Kochi is also well connected by road with all the major neighboring towns and cities.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Kochi is Cochin / Kochi International Airport located at Nedumbassery approximately 30 kilometers away from Kochi City Center. Kochi Airport is amongst the busiest airports in the country in connection with international passenger movement. There are 3 well maintained terminals in this airport such as domestic, international and cargo which serve many well known Indian and international carriers like Air India, Jet Airways, Air India Express, SpiceJet, Indigo, Gulf Air, Air Arabia and Sri Lankan Airlines. Visitors to Kochi can easily get cabs and taxis from the airport or outside to reach anywhere in the city.

By Train:

Ernakulam is the nearest railway station to Kochi which is well connected with all the major railway stations in India. You can easily catch trains from all the prime cities in the country to this colonial city such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Trivandrum. One can easily get taxi or bus service to reach any part of Kochi.

By Road:

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) links this port city with all the prime destinations in the state. They also provide their service to some of the major cities in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Besides, several deluxe and Volvo buses are also available from Kochi to some popular Indian cities like Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The famous NH-47 links Kochi with Trivandrum while the city connects with Mumbai via NH-17.

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Beaches of Kochi

Kochi BeachesBeaches are amazing creation of nature where people can relax, enjoy beautiful moments and feel freedom. It can be a meeting point of sun, sand and sea. If you are a beach lover looking to move away from the busy city life, then beaches in Kochi are exotic places for a suitable stop over. The main Beaches of Kochi are:

Kuzhuppilly Beach

This virgin beach is located at a distance of around 3.5 kilometers from the famous Cherai beach in Kochi. The road to this beach is captivating with lake on both sides. Kuzhuppilly Beach is calm and beautiful and tourists love to spend their time at the beach. The entrance to the beach is naturally designed with bamboo.

Umbrellas arranged on the beach for people to relax and enjoy the beauty of the majestic destination. This beach is around 18 km away from Kochi and you can catch a bus to Cherai to reach here. You can hire an auto from Pallathan Kulangara Bhagavati temple where you need to get down from the bus.

Puthuvype Beach

Puthuvype Beach is around 3 km length which is located near the lighthouse. It is among the least visited beaches in the area and not many tourists explored the beauty of the beach.

Puthenthode Beach

This newly formed beach is only around half kilometer length which is near Kannamaly. Famous for its calmness and cleanliness, this beach is also one of the least explored beaches in Kochi. For reaching this beach, you can take a bus from Ernakulam South railway station to Thoppumpady and pass through Kannamaly.  You can get down at the bus stop of Puthenthode from here the beach is very near.

Munambam Beach

An attractive walkway is the main attraction of Munambam beach which is around 4 km north of Cherai beach. The beautiful shore on the left side of the walkway is truly captivating. Since the other side of the walkway has a lake, this beach destination can be a visual treat. You can alight at the IR Valvu stop if you catch a Munambam bus from Kochi. The beach is only 500m from this bus stop.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beah is the nearest beach in Kochi which is a favorite place for both natives and tourists. You can find several hotels and resorts near to this fabulous modern beach. The beach carnival is very spectacular that occurs every year. It is an exotic place to relax at the end of a busy day.  From the city of Kochi, Cherai beach is around 24 km away and you can take a bus from the city towards Goshree junction. From the road, the beach is nearly 2 km away.

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